12 photographs that show off the beauty of the autumn in Macedonia

 Goran Anastasovki is a freelance photographer from Macedonia. Through his time spent in the beautiful country, he has captured many beautiful photographs. With 12 years of photography experience under his belt, you could say that he is an expert in his field. Goran has been an active photographer since 2006. According to him, his main interest and fascination are photographing wild animals and nature. But he especially pays attention to photographing wild animals because of the amount of time, patience, and effort he has to pay when taking shots of wild animals.

Surrounded by land from all sides, Macedonia exists as a country that belongs to Southeast Europe. As you can see in Goran's pictures, the nation is a true beauty. Throughout the year, four seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter passes Macedonia. Every season turns the country into different shades of colors. Especially in the autumn season, the trees turn to varying shades of reds, yellows, browns, and greens, forming visually pleasing sights in front of eyes.

As a native Macedonian, Goran knows about the country from a young age. He grew up bathed in the colorful world that each season brings to life.  Being a photographer with a keen eye, he managed to capture the true essence of autumn, which we have brought for you in this article to enjoy. The images showcase the beautiful yet somewhat mysterious nature of the season. As the winter is yet to come, lakes are glistening with clear water. The gently rippling waves reflect the colorful shades of leaves in stunning images. Goran's pictures talk about how nature is preparing to welcome the snowy winter with open arms as if inviting all of us to join in



The yellow dream

Goran Anastasovski


Reflecting your image

#3 Beyond the horizon


Before the winter comes


Under the maple leaves

Reds, yellows, and browns

Unknown memories

Towards the giants

Seasonal bridge


Lonely color

A beautiful meeting

Journey to the nowhere
All Photo Credit Goes to Goran Anastasovski.
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