A 55-year-old woman in 5 years gets her entire body colored with tattoos due to her desire to be 5 years old

 Kerstin Tristan 55, has been a cab driver for many years in Leipzig, Germany.


The girl desired a colorful tattoo on her arm 5 years ago.

Kerstin could not prevent herself due to the fact the end result turned out so good. She reportedly spent over $35,000 on multicolored tattoos that cover, nearly her complete body over the past 5 years, and he or she has no plans to prevent them every time soon.

 Tristan has emerged as a famous person online due to this. Tristan has over 100,000 Instagram fans and lots of subscribers on the OnlyFans network.


It's difficult to agree that during simply 5 years, the 55-year-antique went from having no tattoos to sporting a multicolored bodysuit.


She claims that tattoos have made her experience more youthful and given her extra power and that she is pretty satisfied together with her life.


More info & Images credit: Instagram

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