Artist's Fire Dress Sets Off Her Career!

Each artist's journey is different. However, almost every artistic story has one thing in common. That is, it has struggles, insecurities, and feelings of giving up.

Taylor Ann Linko always wanted to become a full-time artist. It was her dream since decorating fruit baskets for sale as a little child.

After many failed attempts, her dream came true with her fabulous fire wedding dress!

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Fabulous Fire Dress.

Image credits: taylorannart | jamestangphotography

Image credits: taylorannart | jamestangphotography

Taylor Ann Linko decided not to wear a standard white dress for her wedding. Instead, she wanted to make it colorful. She went dress hunting and found a beautiful dress, "Savoy's Bellezza," and painted it to her liking.

It took her almost a week before she committed to the color test and technique—painting it with an airbrush.

Image credits: taylorannart | jamestangphotography

                                                       Image credits: taylorannart | jamestangphotography

The dress was finally ready a week before her wedding. This dress perfectly reflected her colorful personality. Everyone at the wedding loved it.

Months after the wedding, her Facebook and Instagram notifications started chiming like crazy. Her wedding dress was on the front page of a UK gossip blog, and people loved it.

Although they didn't credit her, people somehow found her.

Linko started painting many dresses after her dress went viral. 

Image credits: taylorannart | jamestangphotography        
Image credits: taylorannart | jamestangphotography

Hundreds of people asked her to paint their dresses, and Linko agreed.

Then, She rented a studio and began a small business of painting wedding dresses.

Her dream to become a full-time artist finally came true!

 Image credits: taylorannart | jamestangphotography

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Image credits: taylorannart | elizabethburgiphotography

                                                           Image credits: taylorannart | charitywhite_

                                                                Image credits: taylorannart
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