What can you do with food instead of cooking? Food self-portraits

A photographer’s work is a collection of his thoughts. Each piece of work has a unique story to tell. Once you encounter such work, you will find that those backstories are fascinating.              

Cooking is an Art. But not everyone is fond of cooking although they enjoy food. Perfect culinary art requires patience, experience, and passion. You need to search for the combination of ingredients, new recipes, and techniques. But for some of us, it can be the worst nightmare to step into the kitchen. 

So what can you do with food, other than putting them in a dish? How about Food self-portraits? A skilled photographer with a keen eye can use food to deliver a personal story. Later are the outcomes of a photographer who can’t cook. But she doesn't care, because she does what she meant to do. She may not be the best culinary artist, but she makes it into awesome visual art.

You have to be tricky with the camera to bring exactly what you want. This photographer experimented with an old master portrait to inspire suitable lighting. The selective petroleum jelly strokes in front of the camera have taken away that hyper-realistic sharpness of the portrait. That gives you the classic painterly look.

You need the same elements as patience, experience, and passion for creating something satisfactory. The things you find nuisance once give you something to concentrate and spend time with. 

Just think out of the box and be creative!

That is exactly why this artist names her food self-portrait series “I don’t cook but who cares”.

Check out her photographs and you will be surprised with what she has created.


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