Best of the 2020 International Landscape Photographer of the Year Contest

 The 2020 Global Landscape Photographer of the Year contest announced the stunning winner shots.

The competition, which took place in Sydney, Australia, received over 3800 entries.


Kelvin Yuen won "the photographer of the year."

His mesmerizing mountain snaps made him the winner. 

Kai Hornung won "the photograph of the year."

Kai's captivating aerial shot of a stream in the highlands of Iceland won him the title.


Scroll down to see the shortlisted top photos out of several thousand submitted.

For more information: the International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition.


Yuen is a 24-year-old Hong Kong-based photographer with over six years of experience. He wanted to photograph nature since he first visited Little Rock Peak Mountains.

After graduating in 2018, he became a full-time landscape photographer.

#2 By photographer of 2020

Yuen uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera because it can handle harsh conditions like rain. It also creates beautiful distorted perspectives.


He uses Adobe Camera Raw to adjust the tone and color of the photo. Next, using Adobe Photoshop, he highlights the main attraction of the picture. He also uses vertical panoramas.

#3 By photographer of 2020

Yuen always wanted to apply for the contest and judge his skills through high standards.


Hornung, the winner of the year's photograph, is a human resources consultant based in Germany. He has a side job as a freelance photographer.


A trip to Ireland inspired him to photograph landscapes. He enjoys traveling within Europe to capture the beauty of nature.




Kai feels happy to have images that are his own, images that he found.

This contest is a remarkable opportunity for every landscape photographer.


As the annual entries grow, so does the range and diversity of locations and styles.

According to Peter Eastway, landscape photography could either highlight global challenges or create an ideal landscape of the imagination. It is up to photographers to choose.


Ultimately, images that communicate something gain more attention in the competition.






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