Photographs of adorable squirrels enjoying the sweet smell of wildflowers

 Animals are such a big part of nature. Their presence is essential for the existence of the world. Although there are noticeable differences, both animals and humans show similar behavior and emotions in some cases. Like how children like to play with friends and have fun, baby animals would often play with each other having loads of fun. Can you remember how your dog or cat sometimes behaves almost like a human? As humans do, animals also feel pain, love, happiness, and other emotions.


It appears that animals are admirers of nature and beauty. We have evidence to prove this fact. We came across photographs of squirrels smelling the sweet scent of flowers lost in their worlds. With the release, these photos became famous worldwide because the well-timed-out moments were such adorable sights.

 The talented photographer who took the photos is Dick van Duijn. He started his career as a photographer eight years ago, and now he works as a wildlife photographer. He took his now-viral squirrel photographsduring one of his photographic sessions with wildlife. He and one of his friends traveled to Vienna, hoping to capture some pictures for his collection. In there, his sudden encounter with the squirrels happened one evening amidst the land covered with beautiful flowers. Because he could be in the right place at the right time, Dujin could capture the adorable sight of ground squirrels smelling the flowers as if mesmerized by their smell.


With the colorful rays of the evening sun in the background, the colors of flowers coupled with the adorable squirrels give us some fantastic photographs as a result. The emotions painted in the faces of squirrels are so much like how we would feel when we get to smell a sweet flower. They thoroughly enjoy the fragrance, closing their eyes for a minute and shutting down the outside world. The photos look as if these little animals are intentionally posing for the shots; it is simply marvelous.


When he started photography, Duijn shot all sorts of sessions. That included portraits, sports, and special events. After dipping into many photography types, he finally found his calling and became a wildlife photographer. Duijn says that animals and nature are his favorite elements to photograph, and through his photographs, he shows his talent and dedication to his work.


According to Duijn, when photographing animals, it all comes to reading the animal. If the animal is used to humans, he gets to capture close shots. He says he could closely photograph the foxes near his hometown because they are used to humans, so they come very close to them. When photographing wild animals, he has to be a little sneaky. He uses hides to cover himself so as not to startle the animals. Duijn used this method to capture the squirrel and bird photos in his collection. That is because animals who come near the camouflage can't see the humans even if they are only a few meters away.  So, he could capture the shots closely and precisely. Following are his famous squirrel photos, along with some other adorable wildlife captures.

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