The Most Creative Pandemic Tattoos

 The love for tattoos has never been so big. A new study found that 30% of Americans have at least one tattoo. That is five times more than eight years ago!

It seems like people have found inspiration from the recent pandemic. Coronavirus-themed tattoos are becoming a quirky sub-genre. These tattoos represent everything about the past months. While some tattoos honor doctors and nurses, some symbolize the pandemic chaos!

Go ahead and scroll down to see the most creative COVID-19 inspired tattoos.


 An ink tribute to doctors- the real superheroes                                            



  A little reminder about how we all feel about 2020                                                                    

 Josh Young is a tattoo artist and owner of Highwater Gallery, Swansea.

He has witnessed a few creative COVID-themed tattoos. For example, 'I survived COVID' tattoos or the traditional woman with a nurse uniform.

Josh predicted that after things go back to normal, people will get more COVID-themed tattoos. 

An ink appreciation of doctors, based on a drawing by                                           @engelhardt_art



Nevertheless, Josh has concerns about the pandemic being a source of inspiration. Since millions lost their lives to COVID-19, it might not be the best idea for a tattoo. However, he added that it could be if you do it with good intentions.

He also said it is ultimately up to the clients to decide what they want.

Josh has seen good things coming out of the pandemic too. Several tattoo artists offered discount tattoos to key workers during the pandemic to honor their work.

A tattoo reminder to take care of yourself and others too.                                         andresmakishi


Many salons have reopened after the lockdown period. Since the reopening, bookings have increased.

People had more time to plan their tattoos during the lockdown period. Also, because they stayed inside, they saved enough money to get tattoos done.


During the lockdown, tattoo artists stayed in touch with their regular clients to discuss potential tattoo ideas.



Tattoo tribute for an emergency nurse.


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