Spirits of nature born through driftwood

Humans have a beautiful gift called creativity. Although every person has this talent, some people are born with this gift in abundance. And, those talented artists talk to our hearts and souls through their beautiful creations. 

Recently, one such exceptional artist got the attention of the world. Being a sculpture, she created a series of masterpieces that seemed like they managed to grasp some wandering spirits from woods and seas.

Debra Bernier is a Canadian artist. Sculpting is one of her preferred mediums to showcase the eternal beauty of the nature she sees through her eyes for others to enjoy. Her newest series is a collection of sculptures mainly made out of driftwood. They also include other natural materials like shells and clay.

According to Debra, she never starts with a blank canvas when she is working with driftwood. She likes to choose a piece that already has a shape of its own. She says that after facing through endless caresses of the wind and waves, driftwoods are already a sculpture on their own. What she does is, giving a face to that sculpture. She fuses her humanity with nature to give birth to a creation that talks with our souls.

Each driftwood piece tells a story. As Debra is holding the wood piece, the first thing she does is understanding its journey throughout the years. Then she extends or shortens the contours and curves, allowing the wood to carry out its story more clearly to the world. The process reveals shapes of animals and humans which are familiar to us. Debra takes out the layer that covers the driftwood piece to show the countless hidden messages throughout time and nature. She also says that what the final product represents is not just a reflection of her life, family, and children but a deep connection we all share with nature.

Humanoid shapes of the driftwood spirits, animal shapes that accompany them, and all the natural materials used represent the inevitable connection humans have with nature. This talented artist conveys that nature and humans are not two parts but a single intertwined unit. Following are some of the sculptures from Debra's collection we got for you to enjoy. You can also enjoy the entire collection on Etsy.

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