These funny 50 Animal Pictures will make you smile! We Promise!

If there is one thing that is gonna bring a smile to your face, they are animals. They offer positivity and happiness freely to everyone. They make you gush over their cuteness. They also make you laugh at their funny faces.

You know what they say; an animal picture a day keeps your lousy mood away!

Luckily, animal accounts exist to save the day.

Animal accounts are on fire these days. You find yourself smiling ear to ear while scrolling through the pictures of cute and funny animals. You can never get enough of their cuteness. If you are an animal lover,' Important Animal Images' is one account you can't miss out on. This popular Facebook page is filled with animal cuteness. Also, it has got all the animals you can possibly think of, from cats to dogs to crocodiles to chickens. It has got the whole animal kingdom over there!

If you are having a bad day, you should tune into 'Important Animal images.' You'll cheer up instantly.

They put up cute and funny animal pictures every single day, sometimes twice a day. You will never be bored again! 

This page is very much loved by animal lovers, obviously. It's got over 900k likes and counting. We hope to get to see more funny and cute animals once they reach the 1 million mark.

The creator of this account started out by posting cat images. He posted them on a different account. Once he realized that he needed another page for the rest of the lovely animals, he decided to start 'Important Animal Images.' Its popularity has skyrocketed ever since.

Scroll down and check out these funny and cute animal pictures for yourself.

Here is an impossible challenge; Try not to smile while going through these pictures.

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