This award-winning photographer Crafted a Mini Village that Took 2 Years to complete!

 Bulgarian artist Ognyan Stefanov crafted a beautiful mini village. It resembles a mini version of an actual well-functioning town.

Stefanov is an aviation photographer. He studied at the National Academy for Theater and Film Art in Bulgaria.

Aerial photography is one of his expertise; some even won him awards. Also, several photographs were featured at exhibitions and international publications.

One of Stefanov’s most prestigious achievements is working as an official photographer for the Bulgarian Air Force. Also, he became the exclusive photographer to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Some of his architectural miniatures won him multiple-scale modeling awards.

Find out more of his fantastic creations on his social media platforms: | Facebook | | Instagram

Stefanov’s first original design was the utopian village, ‘Skyville,’ built on a 1/87th scale.

It is a natural space, hanging high in the sky.

The village includes flourishing gardens, multiple houses, shops, a barn, and an apartment building.

Stefanov designed a self-sustaining utopia. It has everything you need, including lavish greenery gardens and a local inn that provides hospitality.

Skyville is a small-scale model filled with luxurious architecture and beautiful interiors, combined with advanced design skills.

Greenery surrounds a hilly meadow.

It has rocks and a footbridge over a stream.

A tall truss extends up to the town.

The village includes multi-level pulleys and stairways.

A large house is the main highlight.

It has a tiled roof and irregularly shaped windows.

Gorgeous flower beds fill window boxes.

They soften the architecture and add beauty.

The well-planned design works together and gives a sense of wonder.

Potted trees complement the concept of a self-sustaining village.

Highly detailed interior designs.

A bedroom features a bed, a beautiful chandelier, and flower plants.

Each figure serves a purpose.

A farmer in overalls with a toolbox appears in the meadow.

The village has a water drainage system.

Stefanov crafted it using photo-etched materials and designed using several weathering techniques.

Stefanov created Skyville from scratch

He used wood stirrers and popsicle sticks.

Skyville is a masterful achievement of art and architecture.

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