What if Kids’ Drawings Turn Real? This Dad Has a Hilarious Answer to That!

Meet Tom Curtis, the most favorite dad on the Internet.

Curious about why he is so special?

He uses photoshop to show how kids’ drawings would look in reality. People all over the world enjoy his hilarious edits. You can tune in to his page, ‘Things I Have Drawn’ on Instagram and join in the fun.

He has two kids of his own called Dom and Al. What he does is, editing their drawings and drawings of other kids. Tom knows that the kids' doodles are creative, quirky, and fun.

That is why he creates reality out of them. You never want to miss out on it.

So scroll through and enjoy some of his fascinating work!

Tom takes about 10 hours to complete this kind of edit. It has become incredibly challenging when the drawing is of an animal. He has to run around looking for the right animal. Photographing animals is hard because they never stay still.

He has many fans who are parents!

Yeah, he happily accepts submissions to edit their kids' drawings.

Tom’s kids- Dom and Al- are good artists too. However, their drawings have grown up with them. Tom cannot use them anymore because the drawings are not as quirky anymore. Fortunately, Tom still has some of their old drawings in store. He hopes to edit those and the goofy doodles that Al occasionally creates and share them on Instagram soon.

Tom is skilled in photoshop with over 15 years of experience. You could see that he is a pro at photoshop from his awesome edits.

Tom’s inspiration comes from a strange-looking animal artwork done by his elder son. Tom noticed that the animals' eyes and mouths were on one side of the head. He found it amusing that kids draw eyes and mouths that way.

Kids see things differently! 

Their imagination deserves to come true. So, Tom decided to bring them to life using his skills. 

His follower base has grown over time. Now, he has around 736k followers on Instagram.

Sounds pretty amazing, right!

His artwork entertains lots of people. Sometimes all you need to grabis a simple idea and a whole lot of imagination!

You can check out his amazing work on instagram or even buy his book, “Things i have drawn- at the Zoo’’

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