Russian streets with the giant animal in a surreal world - 30 Unexpected Photo manipulations by Vadim Solovyev

 If you live in a metropolis city filled with millions of people, you know how each day follows the same cycle. Sometimes it can be pretty dull and exhausting. But an ordinary photograph of your familiar city can change into something unexpected and exciting using graphic designed manipulations.

Vadim Solovyev is an artist from Saint Petersburg. He did a fantastic job filling the usual urban spaces with mysterious and sometimes familiar, oversized creatures. These images gained wide attention when Solovyev posted them on Instagram with short stories as a futuristic blog.

Can you believe if giant raccoons, chameleons on leashes, and sleeping foxes take up a whole block? Sometimes it can be sky-soaring turtles above the entire city.

Born and raised in the post-Soviet period, he encountered massive social, economic, and political changes. His creativity was inspired by the ashes of the period and ignited the most beautiful emotions within himself. Solovyev's surroundings were gradually opening to the rest of the world.

When Solovyev opened his eyes to society, he experienced a new wave among the younger generation. The youth asks for the freedom to speak and express themselves. They search for equity in the modern world. He convinces the world that despite the geographical and cultural boundaries, humanity is the same.

Once Solovyev shared his parallel reality with others, the world tended to see his work in a new light. They kept asking questions and related his work to real-world situations. But Solovyev’s answer remains the same. He always said that his creations are part of his fictional world. But it doesn't mean that everything has a hidden meaning. Solovyev intends to convey the mood and to grasp the rhythm of his city and people. But somehow, his work keeps addressing some of the fundamental social issues. That reminds us, the power of creativity and art.

                                                                           Vadim Solovyev

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