From random household stuff to unique style accessories by Canadian Artist Gab Bois

 What pops in your mind just hearing the word fashion? Defining "fashion" can be a cold piece of work. It's challenging to interpret an individual's creation with hard and fast rules. Yet, somehow, it is part of the day to day life. Inspired by history, culture, and traditions, fashion has evolved since the beginning of time.

If you dig into the fashion world, you may see that sometimes, it is tough to develop new ideas. But, you will wonder what you can do with a few everyday items. If you have an artistic mind and a keen eye, anything is possible.

Gab Bois is a Montreal-based artist who brought this idea to light. Scroll down to see her incredible work. Her novelty brings sparking to the mundane world. It awakens people's sensitivity to their ordinary lives to make them interesting and exciting.

Everything from banana slippers, a skull cap cereal bowl to pumpkin hats can turn into a fashion accessory. Bois's sense of DIY fashion and novelty has been inspired through her childhood experiences. For example, she used to play with corn cob's leaves and made them into doll dresses.

Bois' creativity process is a collection of effort. The fashion idea goes through the production process and the post-production. But she always tries to keep her work relatable to the real world and minimum editing work.

The orange peel bras, book pages of yellow cheese singles, and the ice cream cone of snow can be pretty unrealistic. Yet, it is precisely the beauty of fashion. The essence of a surreal world makes it alluring. The fashion world itself is a blurred area between fantasy and reality. But it continues to empower people around the globe and brings forth their passion.

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