Cutest Comics With Positive Vibes (30 pics)

Are you in a bad mood?

Don't worry!

A lovely piece of art by Andres Colmenares will instantly cheer you up!

Andres is a Colombian artist. He is famous as wawawiwacomics on Instagram, where he creates cute comics out of everyday things.

Of course, they will definitely put a smile on your face!

His artwork has spread happiness to over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Scroll through and check out his incredible work.

You won't be disappointed!

Andres is quite the busy bee these days!

At this time, he is working on comics regularly. Do not forget that he also has exciting new projects planned for this year. There, he revealed that a graphic novel is in the works. He teased another upcoming project, but it is still a secret.

We hope that he will reveal the details soon!

His project- ‘When sharks Attack with Kindness’ was a massive success

Andrew McMeel Publishers published it. The story spreads a lovely message of kindness and friendship using the remarkable characters that he has created.

He creates many exciting characters for his comics. Shark, Avi, and ‘Guy’ have made the most appearances so far. Fun fact:

Andres says that he took inspiration from his own personality to create Guy!

However, he added that Guy looks much better than him.

Andres takes inspiration from real-life things to create his work so that people can relate to them. He also likes to let the viewer interpret the drawings however they want.

On that note, let us know how you interpret them.

After all, there is no exact or wrong answer in art!

You can check out his comics in Spanish too.

He has a second account, wawawiwadesign’, where he posts Spanish-translated comics. You can also reach him on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

He has Spanish and English versions of each account. He does not post regularly on the Spanish accounts, though. You can visit his accounts and show your support.

His creativity and hard work spread positive vibes.

These cute comics can fix any bad day, right? 


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