50 Hilarious moments with statues caught on camera

Are you one of the people who goes crazy and gets the need to pose every time you see a statue? Or if you have a friend who does that, you know the feeling. Some people’s comedic switches turn on when they encounter a statue. They don’t care if it’s the street, a public place, or an event. They have the best time with the statues they find.

We found some of the funniest and most creative photos of people posing with statues on the @statuewithfun and @lnsanereality Twitter accounts. These pics are not only full of humor but also give you great ideas for your photos.

#1 That's why he was stuck there. Robin Williams was so thoughtful to give him toilet paper.

#2 Need a little help, bunny?

#3  Looks like this statue found the thief who stole its bow

#4  They found the perfect thing missing from this statue. 

#5  This man is in a deep conversation with these two bench statues.

#6  The perfect shot!

#7 Is this a statue or a dealer??

#8 Oh, that slap! Dear lord, have mercy on me.

#9  Here take some snacks; you haven't talked in a while

#10  I want just one kiss from your handsome man.

#11  That's right, ladies make it a trend.

#12  Well done sister! Mother power! 

#13  Mom, I think I'm on the wrong line.

#14  This kid chose the wrong tattoo to mess with

#15  You've caught the wrong man statues. Please believe me

#16  Oops! Headshot!

#17  No, thank you, young man; I'd like to live as a statue for many more years.

#18 He wanted to go to Singapore just to do this.

#19  Hey old man, how'd you like a snap?

#20  Mr…Sir, I'm not the Spiderman you're looking for. I'm from another dimension...

#21  Hey, stop mocking us.

#22 Sir, madam, May I?

#23  He told his friends, I was just walking down the road when that statue slapped me with the back of its hand.

#24 Officer, can we do something to forget this ever happened?

#25  I was hungover. Then I felt someone dragging my left foot.

#26  Why me, god? Why did this giant eagle have to catch me?

#27  The young lady, let's hang out and have a chit-chat.

#28  Statue is sad so am I.

#29  Hello dear, do you need some help lighting it up? 

#30  She's going out of the city with this shot.

#31  Her:I have a secret to tell you. Statue:Yes, dear, I'm all ears. 

#32  Let me grab my suitcase, dear. I will fly with you all around the world.

#33  When did Humpty Dumpty become evil?

#34  I said this would happen one day. A giant fork is the reason for my death.

#35  Not on the back! Please, not on the back!

#36  She tried to throw it into the water, but the statue didn't move an inch.

#37  This green lantern shirt is proof I'm the chosen one! Give the dolphin to me mermaid!

#38  Hey, your music is good. Here is a kiss from me

#39  Young men surround the poor statue. One is looking at the book, one has a question to ask about it, one is hanging around his neck, and is the other one trying to steal the duck away?

#40  That's a stomach shot he got without asking

#41  Did you get your suitcase and cat ready, dear? We're traveling to Hawaii this time.

#42  These pranksters won't leave a statue alone.

#43 Need a light, man?

#44  And that's how I got a kick shot from a statue.

#45  Oh, come on, another crazy man wants to high-five.

#46 OK, ok, you don't have to be so serious. I'll leave you guys alone.

#47  I beg you for some water. None of the taps are working right now.

#48  This statue had this seat reserved only for her.

#49  Hello girls, do you need a ride?

#50  Is this the infamous story behind the birth of the pizza tower?

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