The optical illusions produced by realistic skin paintings distort the viewer's impression of reality.

Artist Chooo-San creates confusing illusions on the body without using computer editing to transform regular people in astonishing ways. The Japanese artist transforms her figures into cyborgs, animal/human hybrids, and dolls coming apart at the seams using acrylic paints and a realistic style. Astonishing attention to detail is displayed in each, and the apparent stretching and reshaping of the flesh make them intriguingly strange.

Chooo-analog San's paintings react to the overuse of technology in art. She told Daily Mail in an interview that she was "a little tired of everyone making photographs on computers and wanted to see how far I could go without those tools like Photoshop."

Since Chooo-illusions San began illustrating this subject in 2012, we have seen his level of sophistication rise. Here are the things that first won our hearts.

More Info & Images Source: Chooo-San Website

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