This Artist Painted 30 Popular Characters With In Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned buildings hide the mysteries and stories from earlier times. Abandoned buildings lose their appeal over time. For the artist David Lozano, Barcelona’s abandoned places have a special meaning.

The dilapidated walls served as a canvas for his artistic eye. Easily recognizable characters such as “Cookie Monster” are depicted in a unique and, quite frankly, frightening way. Adding this kind of value to dilapidated and decaying buildings is highly appreciated. If an artistic eye falls on such old buildings in our countries, they become more beautiful.

Barcelona is known for its art. Many people go to see the works of famous painters like Cindy. But strange art can be hidden in a place that does not attract the attention of many people. You don't have to go to an exhibition or a museum to see Precious Arts.

Street art is a perfect example of that. Also, you are very lucky to have a heart that loves art, because some people do not know the supreme beauty of art.

So now scroll down to enjoy this.

"Minions", 2020.
Homer from “The Simpsons”, 2020.
Cookie Monster, 2019.
"Hulk", 2021.
"The Mask", 2021.
Gizmo, 2020.
Edward Scissorhands, 2017.
Queen of Hearts.
"Alice in Wonderland", 2018.
Sulley from "Monsters Inc.", 2022.

Falkor from "The Neverending Story", 2021.
"Pink Panter", 2021.
"Beetlejuice", 2018.
Taz, 2021.
Sideshow Bob, 2020.
Momo, 2019.
Mike Wazowski, 2020.
"Annabelle". 2019.
Corpse Bride.
Plankton from "Spongebob", 2021.
When the carnivorous plant from “Super Mario” and “The little shop of horrors” merge.
Shaggy from "Scooby Doo".
Kang & Kodos from "The Simpsons", 2021.
Heisenberg from "Breaking Bad". 
Freddy Krueger, 2018.
DalĂ­, 2020.
Slimer from "Ghostbusters", 2021.
"Shrek", 2021.
Eat The World, 2017.

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