The "Eyes of Istanbul" project sheds focus on the charming, innocent kids living in Istanbul city.

Turkish photographer Abdullah Aydemir takes images in Istanbul that are based on various themes. He has been an amateur photographer for 15 years.

He had previously worked in sculpture and drawing before starting his career as a photographer. His primary job was teaching, aside from these hobbies. One of his projects, dubbed "Eyes of Istanbul," was created as a consequence of the fusion of his two interests in painting and teaching youngsters.

"I enjoy taking pictures of people, innocent like children. I focus on the eyes when I take a portrait photo since the eyes are the mirror of the heart, he stated in an interview.

According to what Aydemir said, he frequently takes haphazard pictures of the kids he sees on the streets. His goal is to make the world aware of Istanbul's beauty through this.

All Images credit goes to  abdllhaydmr_photos, and scroll down to enjoy this.

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