Photographer Captures Unforgettable Image Of The Moon Dressed As Saturn

A photographer in Guatemala had a fantastic opportunity to take a stunning picture of the moon masquerading as Saturn.

This magnificent picture was taken from the base camp of the Acatenango volcano. The six-hour hike taken by photographer Francisco Sojuel has allowed us to see a once-in-a-lifetime view.

When he abruptly glanced up into the sky in the early morning before daybreak, he had witnessed this amazing incident. He received the impression that the moon was clothed as Saturn.

The lowest portion of the image displays the highlands of Guatemala as well as the Pacaya volcano's silhouette. According to what Sojuel said, the cloud appears to be an ice-crystal-made cirrostratus cloud.

When seen from various angles, he had noticed haloes surrounding the moon. The surrounding cloud had a slightly puffy, thick feel. It could be a cirrus spissatus or cirrostratus fibratus cloud. These two clouds are quite a little denser than the others and are frequently created by powerful winds.

A well-known figure in the world of photography is Sojuel. He has become well-known for his incredible landscape and astrophotography. To see more gorgeous pictures of him, scroll down.

Website, Facebook, and Instagram profiles for Francisco Sojuel

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