These 10 Images Demonstrate How Nature Prevailed Ovr Civilization.

Did you know that the natural world reclaims land that people formerly occupied in some areas? It is real! Construction of roads, bridges, ports, canals and even whole communities is usually done at the expense of the environment.

These 10 images demonstrate how Mother Nature is reclaiming her space over time. Sometimes it happens gradually over a long period of time, and other times it happens suddenly. But one thing is sure: in the end, nature always triumphs.

Enjoy these images of our planet's incredible strength by scrolling down.

1. Abandoned Castle In Ireland


2. Old Abandoned Tracks

3. Integration With Nature

4. This Overgrown Boat. (Nature Ship u0022Ms Heimliche Liebeu0022)


5.  Abandoned Greenhouse


6. Fukushima Disaster's Radioactive Cars Are Being Slowly Consumed By Nature

Image:Arkadiusz PodniesiƄski

7. House in California that was abandoned and taken over by the desert


8. MS World Discoverer Was A German Expedition Cruise Ship. On April 29, 2000, it struck an undiscovered reef in the Solomon Islands' Sandfly Passage.


9. Chinese Fishing Village Was Abandoned In The 1990s. (Houtouwan, China)

Image:Green Jane

10. Railroad Tracks In The Forest (Taiwan)


These 10 images demonstrate how strong Mother Nature is.

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