Meet The Man Supposedly Behind Shrek

 The "French Angel" is a man who may have served as the real-life model for the animated character Shrek.

The man, properly known as Maurice Tillet, was a Frenchman of Russian descent who became well-known as a wrestler in the 1930s and 1940s. Tillet, who was born in 1903, is claimed to have been referred to as an "angel" by his childhood companions because of his angelic features and blonde hair. Tillet was given an acromegaly diagnosis at the age of 17, according to the Canadian news website Canoe. Increased bone development, notably in the hands, feet, and face, is a result of hormonal imbalance.

Following his acromegaly-induced growth spurt, photos of Tillet reveal a man who remarkably resembles Shrek, the benevolent ogre from the 2001 film of the same name.

Tillet had intended to become a lawyer, but he ended up joining the French navy instead, according to, before eventually breaking into the professional wrestling industry in 1937.

Tillet and Shrek share a startling physical resemblance, but DreamWorks, the company that produced the movie, has never formally denied the persistent claim that Tillet's appearance was the inspiration for the animated character. The Huffington Post contacted the corporation for comment, but a spokesperson did not respond right away.

Tillet and Shrek are shown in more images below. Your thoughts? Coincidence or Inspiration,?

All Images Credit Goes to Associated Press.

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