If You Love Dogs, Then, You Are Going To Love These Photos!

 Meet Nikol Kopp. She is a young talented photographer based in the Czech Republic. Nikol uses her skills to create beautiful dog portraits that we know you will love!

Like many of us, Nikol adores dogs. Ever since she was a little child, Nikol wanted to have a doggy for herself. It was one of her biggest dreams. Luckily, her dream came true in 2017. A lovely Samoyed dog came into Nikol’s life. She named this beautiful furball Harriet. According to Nikol, her life changed for the better since Harriet became her furry friend.

Nikol always loved photography. She also had a fantastic artistic vision. One time, Nikol got the bright idea to combine her love for dogs and her passion for photography. So she started to take photos of her pet doggy Harriet. The cute Samoyed posed for pictures like she was born to be a model! 

Other than Harriet, Nikol also takes beautiful pictures of many other adorable dogs. They all cooperate so well!

 You may notice that all these shots have a soft dreamlike effect.

The beautiful flowery background softens the photos while the dogs’ liveliness and energy brighten up the mood.

This contrasting combination creates a perfect balance in the final portrait. Also mixed with that is Nikol’s incredible photography and editing skills.

You must be eager to take a look at them. So without further ado, please scroll down and check out the list of pictures we put together for you. These beautiful snaps may make you want a dog if you do not own a dog already.

The list has ten of the best portraits, including a few of Harriet’s adorable photos too.

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