Fun and Cute Illustrations In A Dark Forest.

  Ready to travel into a wondrous world of artwork?

These illustrations invite you into a dreamlike realm that is full of surprises.

Le Son Tunis is a creative illustrator based in Vietnam. The artist creates  illustrations of animals and cute figures in the Forest.

According to Tung,  ‘ Some of the artwork I made by myself. I created all of these on my laptop using Wacom.’  Le son Tung sincerely hopes you will enjoy the series of illustrations.

Tung’s illustrations have a warm, playful style. The confident scratchy linework gives a raw, natural charm and fun to each piece.

The most exciting part about these artwork is the contrast between the background and the drawings. The surrounding is of an enchanting forest, while the sketches are fun and quirky. The beauty is how well the contrast complements the outcome.

Some of these illustrations are cute. For example, the one with Olaf or the smiley little frog will make you smile. On the other hand, some of them give off a spooky vibe. The picture of the shark has a haunting effect, especially with the deep forest in the background.

The contrast of the drawings and the background makes the pictures more interesting.

Also, skillfully drawn characters themselves are full of emotion.

The art pieces are captivating on both a technical and aesthetic level.

Tung’s illustrations invite the viewers into the exuberant world of wonder. Even with the intensity of the forest background, the illustrations themselves are lighthearted and warm.

The finalized art pieces bring a whimsical effect.

Below are some of the best works by Le Son Tung. The collection is full of special surprises and skillfully drawn characters. Looking through this list will leave you with a sense of fascination and wonder.


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