Fabulous Lip Art - Check out These Beautiful Lip Designs

 Art and makeup go hand-in-hand. What if your lips were a canvas, and makeup was the paintbrush? You can turn your lips into a beautiful painting. Add colors and beautiful patterns so your lips will tell a story.

 Andrea Reed is a talented Canadian makeup artist, model, and photographer. She thoroughly enjoys drawing and playing with makeup. She combines her two hobbies to create fabulous lip art.

They look so aesthetically pleasing, don't they?

Andrea is best known as girlgreybeauty on Instagram.

A huge fan base around the world appreciate her beautiful artwork. She started posting her fantastic work back in 2014. Currently, she has about 300,000 followers on Instagram. Some posts have even reached 80,000 likes.

 The process takes a lot more time than you think. She starts off by drawing the design on paper. Then, she paints the design on her lips. It takes about an hour to apply the design on her lips. Once the look is complete, it's time for the photoshoot. The last step is retouching and polishing up the photograph. The whole process can take around 3- 6 hours in total. We got to appreciate the effort she puts into her work.

 There is also a teeny tiny challenge. You guessed it right; of course, it is the lip size. Lips are small, and there is not much space to play around with designs. Also, lips are hard to work with because they get chapped and irritated. Andrea faces another challenge once the art is drawn in because she cannot move her lips at all.

That means no talking, no smiling, zip! 

Creating lip-art is not Andrea's only passion. She also enjoys drawing animal portraits. If you are an animal lover, you will definitely enjoy her recent work of animal art on Instagram. Tune into her second account called andreareedart and check these out.

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