Artist Shares Eyes with Animals to Create Ethereal Art (13 pics)

 For a split second, it actually looked like an animal, and a human had become one, right? These photographs feature animals to create a beautiful illusion. Flora is the human in the photographs. She is also the brains behind this fascinating idea. These photographs are for her series called ‘Animeyed.’ 

FloraBorsi is an artist based in Budapest.

Can you believe that a simple selfie is an inspiration behind ‘Animeyed’?

It is shocking but true!

Flora’s selfie that she took with her doggy sparked her imagination. Their eyes were aligned. She found it amusing how similar their eyes looked. Then she decided to try this out with other animals. So far, she has shared eyes with various animals like parrots, squirrels, and many more. 

Not all animals actually pose for the pictures, though. Of course, we cannot expect her to find animals that are trained in modeling. Flora uses her software skills to make it look like the animals are actually there. She makes sure that the photographs look flawless. 

Flora thoroughly enjoys photography. She has held international exhibitions in Europe and around the U.S.A. On the other hand, Flora has featured her work at The Louver Museum and the Saatchi Gallery. Moreover, she has deservingly received many prizes, praise, and recognition. Critical acclaim from The Guardian’s Observer and BBC Culture are some of the honors she has received. Also, Adobe Photoshop chose her work as the face for their brand in 2014. 

‘Animeyed’ has inspired Flora to tap into her individuality and femininity. As you can see, she uses the female form delicately to create art, especially by hiding and revealing her features. 

Flora has other exciting projects in the works as well. They also contain her signature unique aesthetic. You can find her incredible projects on her Instagram. 


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