Comedy wildlife photography awards and most hilarious wildlife moments!

A perfectly timed photograph tells a thousand words and swaps most awards. But did you know about the Comedy wildlife photography awards? The surprisingly beautiful, weird, and hilarious wildlife pictures are funny to watch. But ultimately, they pass the message of wildlife conservation. 

Check out the best picks of this year!

#1 "Bald Eagle Gets A Surprise" By Arthur Trevino

The classic David vs. Goliath story of a failed eagle was scared by the prairie dog.

#2 "Quarantine Life" By Kevin Biskaborn

The picture is from Southwestern Ontario, Canada. These eastern raccoon kits stuck their

head-outs to have a closer look at the camera and tripod. It gave the best close-up.

#3 "ROFL" By Giovanni Querzani

A Laughing lion is not much of a common sight. This youngster from the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, is having a nice time, laughing at the camera.

#4 "Monday Morning Mood" By Andrew Mayes

Organizers expected lesser entries for the ‘in the air’ category due to travel barriers and
the COVID19 pandemic. But it was the opposite
This photo is one of the hundreds to which we can relate.

#5 "Yoga Bittern" By KT Wong

This Yellow Bittern is desperately trying for a comfortable hunting position.

#6 "Yay - It's Friday!" By Lucy Beveridge

We got the Monday morning mood. So why not the passionate Friday. 

#7 "Happy" By Tom Svensson

Surfing enthusiasts know exactly how much excitement these waves are. So are the penguins.

#8 "Sweet-Lips Are for Kissing" By Philipp Stahr

The box fishes are difficult to take pictures of. Luckily, this is a click of beautiful lips.

#9 "Missed" By Lea Scaddan

The Western Grey Kangaroo missed its chance to kick the other in the stomach.

  #10 "Cranky Hippo" By Rohin Bakshi

The baby hippo is doing everything to get his mother’s attention. 

#11 "Houston We've Had A Problem" By Txema Garcia Laseca

This is an astonishing fish.

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