Have No Fear! - Gator is Here! These Comics will Brighten up Your Day!

 Isn’t it true that happiness is finding awesome comics?

It would be extra special if those comics spread positivity. Well, you are pretty lucky because you have found it right here. 

Meet ‘Buddy Gator’ - the lovely alligator who shares positivity.

Of course, you must be thinking, ‘how is a scary old alligator going to bring positive vibes?’’

Don't worry; he is not your typical scary gator.

This one is different!

This alligator is an absolute ray of sunshine. In fact, Chow Hon Lam specifically created Buddy Gator to bring positivity to your life. 

Buddy Gator is lovable. Its kind nature makes ‘Buddy’ special and appealing. Once you check out Gator’s comics, you are going to want Gator to be your buddy.

Buddy Gator has a mix of all the good qualities you can ever imagine. The character is brave, selfless, helpful, and empathetic.

Gator is all about sharing and caring. Did you see his kind gestures towards his other animal friends? We have a lot to learn from Buddy.

Not only does Gator comfort us, but it also inspires us to be kind.

True to his name, Buddy Gator is a great buddy. He brings happiness to everyone around him.

We all need a Buddy Gator in our lives.

These comics have a perfect blend of humor and wit, combined with amazing artwork. They also have great lessons you can take away. Add cute characters into the mix, and there you have it- an awesome comic.

Gator's creator, the talented Chow Hon Lam, is a self-taught artist. You can understand how much of a great storyteller he is through his comics. Fans from all over the world enjoy his work. He is gaining more and more followers on his social media platforms. Check out his work and see for yourself why people love his work so much. Also, you will be able to find more of Buddy Gator over there. Now that he is your buddy, he will be there to bring you the daily dose of happiness.   

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