30 Failed attempts of people who tried to make Hedgehog cakes

Many people love to make hedgehog cakes. Especially in this festive season, making hedgehog cakes can change the moods of your loved ones.  

So don’t you think it’s a good idea to try it on your own? 

During the quarantine, TV programs were crowded with many cookery shows. But if you wish to make a hedgehog cake, it is always better to have a separate plan for another delicacy. Without any doubts, hedgehog cakes will make your day. 

But in case if something goes wrong with your hedgehog cake, then it won’t ruin your day.

Today, we are going to bring you a listing of attempted hedgehog cakes by several people to praise their attempts. Many attempts might indeed fail at the beginning, especially with chocolatey hedgehog heads. But if you keep attempting, you will be able to make your delicious hedgehog cake.

Let us have a look at some hedgehog cake attempts by people.

We contacted the famous book author and the prominent cake designer Lily Vanilli to ask her opinions. 

She said she loved this hedgehog series. She was also amazed to see the excitement of people making hedgehog cakes during the lockdown. 

In her view, @gr8kakes and @treatsfortrolls accounts are good platforms for cake makers. It provides a free space for those who like to make their cake arts and designs. 

So you don’t have to worry about others’ judgments at all.

Lily also said people could use their styles and rules to make the cakes. 

What she believes is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. 

Furthermore, she explained that it is essential to pay more attention to the cake's buttercream and facial features. When you add the spines, be patient as you can. It will help to evenly-space while you decorate the cake.

You will find 23,200,000 failure attempts of people if you search on Google. These failed attempts had become a concept to an extent to address through social media. 

Most people do not see making hedgehog cakes as a difficult task. 

But the reality is different!

BBC Good Food says it only needs nine main ingredients, eight ingredients for icing. It also says cake can be made using simple nine steps. 

But the tricky part comes next. You have to be more careful while doing icing, as most attempts fail at this point.

Eddie Murphy also inspired the hedgehog cake meme by competing in SNL’s Holiday Baking Championship. The cake theme was holiday childhood memories. Eddie made a sonic hedgehog cake as his favorite memory was playing video games on Christmas.

Unfortunately, his cake was worse. 

However, his hedgehog cake went viral on Youtube with 6.5 million views after reposting on 21st December 2019.

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