What Happens To People After Drinking 1, 2, or 3 Glasses Of Wine

A photographer from Brazil, Marcos Alberti, claims that the first glass of wine is all about the meal, the second is all about love, and the third is all about mayhem. Taking pictures of his friends' faces as they became happier after one, two, and three glasses of fine wine, he claimed that the "3 Glasses after" initiative initially started as a joke.

According to Alberti, "the first picture was taken as soon as our visitors arrived at the studio to illustrate how anxious and exhausted they were after working all day." Alcohol, however, quickly causes people to smile or act foolish, as the images demonstrate. Many of the friends of the professional photographer are laughing so hard they can hardly stand it by the time the last picture is taken!

Image credit & Additional Information: Website, Instagram, Facebook

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