The Photographer Captured A Little Bird Bathing In A Flower Petal.

Rahul Singh, a wildlife photographer, this time capture stunning pictures.

Elephants, deer, jackals, monkeys, rhinos, and many more special animals have all appeared in his photographs. This time, he captured an image of a tiny bird having a bath in a flower petal.

He was amazed by this.


He visited a location with these ornamental banana plants so could capture sunbirds feeding on nectar.

Everything appeared to be going well until the red sunbird began bathing in the water found in the banana flower petal. I was amazed by that."

The flower you are looking at is a banana flower, and by gathering morning dew, it has transformed one of its petals into a miniature bathtub.


The little bird chose to use the flower petal tab after spotting it. It must have been relaxing to take a bath in the petal tub. 

It was an opportunity Rahul would never get again. He had never experienced anything like that. We also hadn't!

I kept the camera's shutter button depressed while the bird was taking a bath because he was so startled by the bird's peculiar behavior.



Rahul then posted the images to his Instagram. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, said Rahul. It's incredible how nature can surprise us.

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