The Blunt-Headed Burrowing Frog Is Exactly Like "Jabba the Hut" in Real Life.

There's no denying that cute cats and dogs go viral on the internet. However, the mysterious allure of uncommon and unknown animals also inexorably draws us in on occasion. Unusual animal discoveries are usually reasons for celebration and conversation, whether they involve golden possums or albino Indian flap shell turtles. As a result, when images of a blunt-headed burrowing frog appeared online, they spread viral and aroused the internet community's interest.

Source: koshin0919

Earlier this year, a creature with an odd appearance was sighted in Cambodia, according to images uploaded by Twitter user @koshin0919. The tweet quickly gained attention, receiving more than 23.5K retweets and 130.1K likes as of this. Additionally, it sparked a discussion online, with other users sharing their opinions on how to classify the unidentified organism. Others claimed it was a turtle without a shell. Others noted how similar it was to Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars.
Source: koshin0919
Fortunately, a conservation biologist who claims to be obsessed with frogs and uses Twitter under Jodi Rowley clarified the situation. Rowley claims that the enigmatic amphibian is a species of frog called Glyphoglossus molossus. People also frequently called it "balloon frog" and "blunt-headed burrowing frog."

Source: koshin0919

Source: koshin0919

As its name implies, this species spends the majority of its time underground. But as soon as the rainy season starts, it appears in great numbers and begins to "explosively" breed in impromptu bodies of water. It puffs up even more as a form of self-defense, despite having a typical round shape.
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