22+ Hilarious Times People Took Posing With Statues To Another Level

 Nowadays, sculptures are regarded as a distinctive kind of art and are frequently found at popular tourist locations since they not only enhance the beauty of these locations but also provide a variety of ways for visitors to amuse themselves. Sometimes, you might have seen numerous bizarre sculptures performed in the funniest ways imaginable, and the first thing that would cross your mind the moment you noticed such a sculpture would be to pose with it.

Well, you would believe that all it takes to pose with a sculpture is to stand next to it, but if you do that, the photo will likewise look quite "ordinary," and you won't even notice anything significant in it. However, if the photograph is done in such a way that it even enhances the perfection of the sculpture, it would be a masterpiece. Here, we have such photographs taken by individuals who have perfected their creativity.

By posing in such unusual ways, these individuals have enhanced the sculpture's beauty. We hope you enjoy them and perhaps send us photos that you have taken in a similar manner. Which position would be the best ever? So let's scroll down and enjoy this.


Image Source: Imgur

Image source:bouncymustard

youandmeandrainbows / Imgur

Image source: bored panda

Image source: bored panda

Image source: altemesh / Imgur






Image Source: NoName_McGee

Image Source: Pepoblind

Image source: bored panda

Image source: bored panda


Image source: bored panda

Rachael Paulsen

MJ Roces

Image source: bored panda


Image Source: Imgur
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