Disney Introduces The First Plus-Size Heroine In A New Movie

 Disney has unveiled the trailer for a short film about body dysmorphia that stars their first plus-size heroine.

Hillary Bradfield, a Disney Animation story artist ('Frozen 2', 'Encanto') since 2017, is the film's director. This  is titled "Reflect" and is a part of the animation studio's experimental film series, "Short Circuit." The movie premiered on Disney+.


It tells the tale of Bianca, a teenage ballet dancer, who "fights her reflection, overcoming uncertainty and fear by focusing her inner strength, grace, and power."

The animated short has received praise for introducing Disney's first plus-size female lead:




When I watched the Disney short "Reflect," it emotionally wrecked me. It's about a tiny plus-sized girl who is practicing ballet. Because of her body insecurities, the mirrors start to swallow her up, but she dances through them and smashes them.


Before quitting ballet at age 16, I needed to watch this Disney short because I didn't want to be the chubby girl in class any longer. I'm happy that children will have this. Reflect gets an A+! '

I'm eager to see this because I used to dance (not only ballet) and experienced similar emotions.

A petition for a plus-size Disney princess garnered over 37,000 signatures in 2014.



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