Boy, 16, Gains Notoriety for Attending Prom with Bright Red Skirt and Sequined Tuxedo Jacket

 There are few things that compare to seeing your child with pride while wearing the prom dress of her dreams. One of those people was Korben's mother, who flaunted her awesome 16-year-old son in what might have been the night's best outfit!

She was really proud of him for being true to himself, and his school's response to him was amazing.

The mother of the bespectacled youngster, Nina Green, put a red  dress on her son and gave him the attention of the whole world

At the age of 12, my son declared he wanted to wear a gown to the school prom. We accomplished it four years later, "mother said." 

Michelle Visage, a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race, was tagged in photographs of Korben creating his best position and showcasing his angles. Korben was dressed in a stunning red bow tie and white shirt and a red sequin suit. Korben, because she saw a lack of dresses, so she purchased a ball gown to pair with the suit!

He finished off his outfit by wearing a tiara on his short, cropped hair. Oh, and he did not neglect to bring his red and gold clutch, either!

#Twitter has fallen in love with the boy's smile thanks to his bold style.

His appearance! And even caught Michelle Visage's eye, 
Korben's close friend, Kirk Willis, created and manufactured the dress. On the red carpet of the 91st Academy Awards in 2019, Billy Porter's classic Met Gala tuxedo outfit served as its inspiration. In an interview with the Norwich Evening News, Korben said, "Kirk brought my idea to life - it was just what I wanted."

Some people used this chance to emphasize how different things have become.  But now, kids like Korben can just be kids with their own personalities without having to worry about being ridiculed for not fitting into gender-specific social norms.

You could tell how proud they were of their son when Korben's stepdad also joined the chat. " He has faith that he won't back down from   "physical conflict," either."


People marveled at how amazing the prom dress he wore looked on him!
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