This makeup-free beauty queen is the first finalist for Miss England.

A Miss England contestant created history in the 94-year history of the competition by taking part without wearing any makeup.

The Independent reports that 20-year-old Melisa Raouf advanced beyond the semifinal stage on Monday and will now compete for the crown in October against 40 other young women.

In an interview with Saman Javed of The Independent on Wednesday, Raouf remarked, "I suppose many ladies of all ages apply cosmetics because they feel compelled to do so." She told the newspaper that she also intends to show her bare face during the finals.

We shouldn't be forced to wear cosmetics if we feel comfortable in our own skin. Because of our shortcomings, we are who we are, and this is what makes each person unique, "she added.

South London native Raouf is a college student majoring in politics.

Raouf claimed that despite beginning to apply cosmetics at an early age, she had never fully felt at ease in her own skin. I never believed I was attractive enough. She said, "I chose to participate sans makeup as I finally learned that I am lovely in my natural flesh," to The Independent.

Through the pageant, Raouf promotes young mental wellness. Raouf donated money to Papyrus, a UK-based nonprofit that strives to stop teen suicide, according to her Instagram feed.

Raouf will compete for the Miss England title in October.

"I want to inspire all women, especially since mental health is such a major topic," she said. Simply said, I want to get rid of all beauty standards. I believe that every woman is attractive in her own unique way. I think I've accomplished it for all females, "she said.

According to Raouf, "I think people should accept and love their shortcomings and weaknesses, as we know real beauty hides inside simplicity." Raouf said.

Only Raouf has ever competed in Miss England without wearing makeup.

An insider's request for a response from Raouf was not immediately answered.

In one round of the Miss England competition, competitors are required to compete for makeup-free.In May, Raouf sent a post on Instagram about her entry into the round. According to CNN, the all-natural round begins in 2019.

According to Miss England director Angie Beasley, "We added the Bare Face Top Model round in 2019 as most competitors were sending heavily manipulated photographs wearing loads of makeup and we wanted to show the actual person beneath the cosmetics."

Melisa Raouf, a supporter of mental health, has raised money for Papyrus through Miss England.

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