A glimpse to the 2020 International Photography Awards; the most beautiful nature-themed photos

 The International Photography Awards is an event held every year for professional, non-professional, and student photographers. It is open globally, and the award ceremony is having at the Lucie Awards gala. There are several main categories in the competition like nature, architecture, sports, people, fine art, etc. The winner of each category finally competes for the title of the International Photographer of the Year. Along with this title, the final winner will receive a Lucie statue and a cash prize of $10,000.

Following are thirty of the most stunning photos competed in the nature category in the 2020 International Photography Awards. The photos show the soothing touch of nature and the scarily powerful side it often shows. These photos are uniquely beautiful in their way, and each tells a different story about mother nature.

As the competition is open without any restriction, be a novice or a pro, you can also apply for it. Take out your cameras, try to see nature in a different eye, and you may be able to produce photos like below that will capture everyone along with some awards.

1. Clashing of the worlds

Maciej Karpinski

2. Twisted beauty

Judith Kuhn

3. Giant eye
Karim Iliya

4. Friends forever

Claudio Piccoli

5. Through the mist
Simone Cmoon

6. Cuddle time
Marlon Porter

7. The wrath of heaven
Ari Rex

8. Maasai warrior under a hybrid solar eclipse
Eugen Kamenew

9. Silent prayers
Natascha Meijndershagen

10. Amidst the roaring waves of clouds

11. The road from Tateyama to the milky way
Masahiro Hiroike
12. Story of the birds and the lonely tree
Hsiaohsin Chen

13. Changing seasons
Timo Heinz

14. A king is always a king

15. White depth
Ales Krivec

16. Beautifully chaotic
Frédéric Couzinier

17. Giants of the land
Andrew Doggett

18. Cold beauty 
Jim Guerard

19. Shadows in the sunset

20. Lonely tower

21. Pink dreams
Paula Gomes Vianna

22. Enjoying the journey
Jeffrey Weiser

23. Iris, the blue beauty
Dana Hursey

24. Panoramic landscape in the eye of a camera
Alessandro Cantarelli

25. A paradise on earth
Olivier Jarry-Lacombe

26. A day in the springtimes
Scott Blair

27. Colors of nature
Veronika K. Ko

28. A storm of fish
David Salvatori

29. Harvesting Chamomile
Kaveh Seyedahmadian

30. Gongar mountain dipped in red light
Jinyi He

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