This Japanese Artist Creates The Most Fabulous Miniatures

 Tatsuya Tanaka is an incredibly talented Japanese miniature artist. He has created a realm of miniatures through his whimsical vision.

For over ten years, Tanaka has been creating and photographing miniature scenes every day. His specialty is that he designs them using household items. Some of the things Tanaka uses include food, office supplies, and most stationery. He also incorporated face masks with diorama figurines to show daily routines and situations. This artist began this back in 2011.  According to Tanaka, initially, it was just a fun way to take pictures of his figurine collection.  However, it quickly developed into a more extensive project called the Miniature Calendar.

Every photograph has a superimposed superscript caption that says, “Miniature Life by Tatsuya Tanaka,” and the date posted.

You will see he has portrayed every concept perfectly.  He has crafted them in careful detail.  You get a sense of wonder while looking through Tanaka’s work. Also, it is pleasing to see the playful but delicate way he sees life. 

If you are eager to know where he got his inspiration, it is not far from real life. He gets ideas for his work through his day-to-day life and situations. 

As he uses identifiable, everyday objects in his creations, the finished products are appealing to people. People of different nationalities and ages fall in love with the beautiful scenes Tanaka creates.

Tanaka has a massive following on Instagram. His Instagram boasts over 3 million followers, and he treats them with his daily posts and traveling shows. His project called “MINIATURE LIFE Exhibition: Tatsuya Tanaka’s World of Resemblance” is on view at museums throughout Japan.

Scroll down to see some of Tanaka’s best creations.

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