These Ethereal Portraits At The Swiss Alps Will Take Your Breath Away

 Do you believe in magic? If you do not, this photographer will show you that magic exists in real life. She hopes you see that you can find anything magical. Just keep wondering and have a little faith!

Meet Raluca Antuca. She is an immensely talented portrait photographer. The primary inspiration for her fantastic work comes from fairytales. The Swiss photographer creates dreamlike portraits in gorgeous locations all over Europe.

Raluca loves the scenery of the Swiss Alps. She always wanted to have a photoshoot in the Swiss Alps. It is such a spectacular place on our planet. You could keep looking at the Alps and never get tired of i.

As the view already looks like a fairyland, Raluca wanted to portray a fairy in the Alps. She decided to call this photo series ‘Fairy at the Alps.’ With the help of her creative team of people, Raluca managed to take a series of beautiful photos.

The series of portraits look like they were straight out of a fairytale. You could see Raluca’s incredible photography skills. The combination of the color palette with the flower accessories creates a magical effect. On top of that, the Swiss Alps background perfectly complements the overall fairy concept.

The portraits have a magical, dreamlike effect that will take your breath away.

So without further ado, scroll down and take a look at the finalized photos. Which of these made you believe in magic? Do not forget to let us know your thoughts.

You can find more of Raluca’s incredible work on her webpage and her Instagram: | Instagram

Here is the creative team that supported Raluca in this photoshoot:

Model @iva.krizanac_

Tiara by @babacilu

Flower bt @paperflowers_ch

Dress by @margoconcept

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